Insurance Appetites – Finding The Right Market

Close your eyes and take a few seconds to think about your favorite food. That’s right, during this insurance blog post I want you to think of scrumptious treats you love to eat. Visualize the staple foods in your diet that you could eat constantly day in and day out no questions asked. Delicious, aren’t they?

Now think about everyone else reading this post, did they visualize the same food? Maybe your foods were sweet chocolates and savory steak, while they were visualizing brussel sprouts. Or perhaps you had more of an organic variety of food while they picture potato chips and candy bars. What I’m getting at with this is that no two people have the exact same appetite and the same applies to insurance carriers!

Feeding personal & commercial insurance carriers

Some insurance carriers, such as Chubb, AIG or Travelers, prefer to insure only the cream of the crop; highly successful homeowners, secure and established low risk businesses, etc. While other companies prefer to live life on the edge. Indulging in new business ventures, coastal risks, sky diving instructors… you catch my drift.

No matter what your insurance needs are, it is important to find a chef (insurance broker) that can match your flavor with an insurance carrier’s appetite to find the best possible pairing. Additionally important, is for your broker to know everything about your home or business so that when they pair your risk with a carrier you can avoid serving any surprise flavors later on. Think of Gordon Ramsey finding out there’s a trampoline in his soup. No one wants that experience.

Here are three points for you to take away from today’s post:

  • Always be honest when discussing your home or business. Material misrepresentation is not something you want to experience firsthand.
  • An insurance broker can help create the perfect pairing between you and the insurance carrier. One size does not fit all.
  • If you have a unique business or high value home, it is even more important that you receive advice from an expert to avoid surprises later when you need your coverage most.

With advice from ZRM Brokerage, you can be your own insurance hero.

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