Cooking up a simple insurance plan

Insurance is considered a a complicated subject. But couldn’t something that’s detailed also be simple? I believe that together, we can break insurance down into four simple parts. If you’re looking for high value homeowners insurance, commercial general liability, workers compensation or any other type of coverage, these four simple steps will make sure you’re protected.

  1. Identification
  2. Analysis
  3. Mitigation
  4. Transfer

Insurance Identification

The first phase of insurance is the identification phase. Where are your exposures? We need to identify all the places that insurance will be required regarding topics such as property, human capital, income, automobiles, etc.

Insurance Analysis

The second phase of insurance is the analysis of your identified risks. How much property coverage is appropriate? How many employees  do you need to protect? What are your annual receipts looking like? Is there a trampoline park in your backyard? Here we will flesh out the details.

Insurance Mitigation

The third step of your simple insurance process is mitigation of risk. Are there any ways in which we can reduce the total cost of your premium? Maybe closing the pool that hasn’t been used in 10 years is a good idea.  Or perhaps your contractors don’t operate above the first floor except for during one job – dropping that job could save you more than you’re earning on premium.

Insurance Transfer

The final stage of the insurance process is your actual insurance. Only after all of the prior steps have been completed can we begin to match your exposure with the correct insurance company. By transferring your remaining risk, you will bask in the peace of mind that you are covered. Insurance is your safeguard from life and one that you should enjoy like sunshine while eating mac & cheese.

Keep smiling and trust ZRM Brokerage to have you covered.

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