Staying cool this summer is easy with insurance.

Four summer insurance tips can help you to maintain your peace of mind while in the sun.

Summer is fast approaching and with temperatures going up so are many risk exposures!

As work cools down at the office, now is an excellent time to review your policies and speak with your insurance broker.

To make you dangerously informed during that conversation, below are four topics you might want to address:

Four summer insurance tips:

  1. Making a big splash. Opening your pool is exciting! However, pools inherently come with several insurance risks to consider. Most importantly, make sure that your pool area is properly fenced! A broker can confirm that your policy contains the proper coverage. If not, make sure to have it endorsed to avoid gaps in coverage.
  2. Cars that age like fine wine. If you have a collector car that has just been waiting to hit the road, don’t let insurance slow you down! Ask your broker about specialty coverage for collector cars. These policies will make sure you can access the right mechanic with the right parts should anything happen to your baby.
  3. AirBNB is for me! While using AirBNB to visit a new exciting city on vacation is a sure bet, AirBNB for your home can open a whole new can of worms. If you intend to rent out your home while away, you can speak to your broker and confirm your policy provides coverage. Insurance carriers have rewritten policies to exclude this coverage and you don’t want to find any surprises when you come home.
  4. Insurance from bow to stern. Boats are awesome, having an uncovered claim is not. Speak with your broker about any new watercraft that your family will be enjoying this year. From jet skis, to sailboats and yachts, there is an appropriate policy that can protect you and your guests.
Summer should be all about fun. Speak with your broker now to avoid any insurance complications you might need to address when you should be soaking up the sun.

ZRM would be happy to provide the shade you need to make sure everything you love is covered.

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Daniel Guiney