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Leadership comes with responsibility

Building developers, landlords and anyone else with ownership of a building are responsible for the safety and activities of contract laborers, engineers and private/public associates.

In our highly litigious society, this means that if any of them are subject to a lawsuit, you will be too.

The answer: an owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP)

As a construction developer or building owner, you bear enormous responsibility for your employees and business due to the closely regulated, competitive and hazardous nature of the industry. The associated risks are compounded by having multiple people under your command.

Absolutely essential for construction developers and building owners, OCIP (or “wrap-up” insurance) provides a solution for general liability coverage to extend over third parties involved with your construction project.

Did You Know?

In the past, only construction projects exceeding $50M qualified for OCIPs.

Today OCIPs are considered essential to offer blanket insurance on residential construction and renovation jobs – let’s work together to obtain favorable terms and rates, while closing any gaps in your coverage.

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