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The goal of primary and secondary school teachers is to ignite and grow the creative minds of tomorrow’s generation. It is essential for your school’s success to create a safe and encouraging atmosphere where children and adolescents can develop and access education. Educational organizations face numerous challenges including personal injury, damage to property, digital security threats, and potential occurrences of violence on their campus. K-12 school insurance plans have the ability to adapt to these challenges and offer your community peace of mind.

K-12 schools need to take a proactive approach, which requires innovative strategies and insurance solutions prepared for anything. Customized K-12 school insurance plans can help safeguard your mission, students, faculty, finances, and reputation.

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Our specialists can aid in cultivating a healthy and engaging workplace with a comprehensive health, wellness, and retirement program. We will assess your needs, provide strategic guidance, design a program, and assist with its rollout. We will also help you manage costs while addressing the unique desires of your employees and where applicable, union negotiated requirements.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your program meets all applicable regulations and provides the highest level of coverage for your staff and administrators.

Tailored K-12 school insurance solutions for your unique risks

We understand that the best way to protect your people, assets and reputation while serving your community is to mitigate exposures and claims. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive risk management strategy that is tailored to meet the needs of your school. Some essential elements to consider are included below:

Schools are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to organizing travel for student athletic teams. Transportation needs range from small van trips, bus rentals, to using staff members’ personal vehicles. Schools must be aware of the liabilities when it comes to transportation and insure their vehicles accordingly.

Having effective transportation organization policies is key in reducing risk and promoting vehicle safety while traveling. Our team can help educate on auto use policies, driver training programs, telematics and fleet maintenance guidelines that can keep everyone safe on the road.

Organizing student transportation can be stressful for administrators—from having enough vehicles for every event to making sure each driver is adequately licensed, insured, and following safe practices. With Commercial Auto Liability Insurance for School Administrators, we can make sure your campus, investments, and your students are protected.

On campus, students’ safety can be at risk from unexpected events, like active shooter violence, physical fights, medical and natural disasters, sports injuries or hazing in fraternities and sororities. We offer essential insurance coverage for assets and people, including preserving property, ensuring habitational safety, protecting campus security, guarding against cyber threats, monitoring travel risks and building business continuity. By working together, we can create a strategic plan to reduce risk and manage claims to ensure the best coverage if an incident were to take place.

Having appropriate coverage in place is essential for any educational institution that holds items of value such as rare books and fine art. These precious items can suffer significant losses if they are not properly insured against risks such as fire and burglary. Additionally, many educational institutions have collections of iconic artifacts on loan from other institutions which can increase the potential costs associated with damage or theft even further. It is important to note that standard property insurance policies often fall short when it comes to protecting these types of valuable items.

Natural disasters, severe weather, and other violent disruptions can have a devastating impact on education institutions. From flooding to fires to hurricanes, these events can cause significant damage to buildings and property, disrupt classes and operations, and even put lives at risk.

Having an effective crisis management plan in place is essential for minimizing the effects of these disruptions. Our specialists can help your school create a comprehensive plan that will enable you to return to normal operations quickly and safely.

K-12 education today has to be ready for more than just the usual property and casualty risks. With the rise of online learning and digital money transactions, institutions must also account for cyber security, academic credibility, and PCI data protection. Our knowledgeable cyber insurance experts have specialized knowledge that can help you mitigate and transfer cyber risks.

As an educational institution, you are responsible for protecting your students, faculty, staff, and resources. Unfortunately, fraud can occur in any organization, including educational institutions. Fraudulent activities such as asset misappropriation, corruption, funds transfer or financial statement fraud can have a devastating impact on an institution’s finances and reputation.

K-12 education insurance is designed to protect international students traveling abroad for both study and leisure purposes. It typically covers medical expenses in the event of an illness or injury, as well as natural disasters and other security events such as political unrest or terrorist attacks. For example, some policies may also include a financial benefit if a student becomes injured due to a crime while studying in another country. Furthermore, higher education insurance policies often include additional benefits such as travel assistance services prior to departure, such as passport replacement and concierge services when out of town; legal advice related to any potential litigation; emergency evacuation services; consultation with doctors abroad; and repatriation of remains in case of death. It can also provide coverage for learning materials or equipment that might normally not be covered by a traditional liability policy held by the university or college itself.

Your K-12 school should be aware of any potential hazards within the laboratory environment, whether that may involve hazardous chemicals or dangerous machinery. Establishing safety protocols and procedures can help protect students and faculty from accidents while they carry out scientific research or experiments in their facility. Educate staff members how to safely use any hazardous material or equipment, and also how to properly dispose of waste materials which could contain contaminants that create a risk for nearby communities if mishandled. It’s important for school administrations to understand their local regulation when it comes to compliance standards for laboratory operations.

K-12 education institutions should remember that insurance is there as a last resort in situations like these — schools need proper policies in place with comprehensive limits of liability so the security of their financial futures aren’t at risk if there is an incident on campus involving expensive equipment loss or bodily injury due to employee negligence. Different education organizations have different coverages needs depending on their current level of risk exposure — which makes securing the right insurance coverage all the more important in helping protect your campus from costly losses if something were ever to go wrong behind closed doors in a lab setting.

As the legal landscape evolves, schools and student-serving organizations are becoming more exposed to risks associated with allegations of sexual misconduct. Institutions must be diligent in both securing adequate insurance coverage and implementing preventive strategies to reduce risk exposure.

The recent spate of news stories about sexual misconduct has focused much-needed attention on the victims’ rights movement, particularly in education. However, these events have also spotlighted how expensive and damaging such claims can be for all involved with institutions often facing exorbitant fees associated with litigation. It is vitally important for educational institutions to invest in sexual misconduct liability insurance as well as utilize proactive strategies for reducing potential risk exposure. Such policies can help secure your staff and students’ safety as well as mitigate reputational losses during times of alleged wrongdoing or abuse.

Are your buildings and campus safe from property and facility risks that may result in costly liabilities? Do you have a comprehensive risk management plan in place?
Facilities are vulnerable to many threats, including fire hazards, code violations, and security breaches along with other issues. These risks can cause significant damage when left unaddressed. K-12 education organizations need to take the proper steps to protect their property, facilities and investments. Having an effective property risk management plan is essential for any organization to protect against losses and we have the expertise to help create tailored plans that cover your building’s needs and ensure safety standards are met. With our help, you can operate confidently knowing you have taken all necessary measures to minimize your risk and maximize efficiency.

Are you looking for effective ways to protect your employees, reduce financial losses and maintain a safe work environment? Do you need help developing a workplace safety program that meets industry regulations and follows best practices?

Safety in the workplace is not an option; it should be a priority for all K-12 organizations. Yet, despite this fact, more than three million people suffer from fatal and non-fatal injuries every year due to workplace accidents. In order to minimize these accidents, organizations need to develop a comprehensive safety program that includes both training and best practice assessments.

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As schools grow, it is easy to neglect updating an insurance policy and risk management strategy. With technology evolving daily, now is the perfect time to evaluate what new market offerings are available for your K-12 organization.

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