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The Show Must Go On

When you first think of what inspires creativity, entertainment insurance may not be top of mind – we want to change that.

If you’re a producer working on film or television sets, an event director for concerts and plays, or a venue manager for the town’s newest art experience, the peace of mind that comes from having appropriate insurance behind you will empower your creativity. The show must go on isn’t just a saying, it’s a promise to the guests and creative talent that we will do everything in our power to provide them with the best experience possible. At ZRM, we have a long history of working with creative talent and understand the complexity that goes into coordinating a successful production.

You can take advantage of our relationships with the nation’s leading insurance carriers and wholesale markets to secure a tailored policy designed to meet your organizational needs and contractual obligations. We are trusted by entertainment professionals to create affordable risk management solutions that use insurance to promote sustainability.

The arts and culture keep our world going round, and we look forward to being a part of your production.

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Live Concerts

Best Practices to Keep Your Venue Secure

Our team will help you develop a risk management plan that reduces your total cost of risk and mitigates the chance of claims occurring.

Repurposing Your Venue? What You Need to Know.

A general liability policy may not protect you during the course of renovations or new construction – let’s work together to identify and close any gaps in your coverage

Live Singing Concerts
Live Events

Sickness related event cancellation or no show?

We have solutions that can protect you against unexpected closures, inclement weather, and artist non-arrivals.

Need Sports Insurance?

Keeping you covered for every pass and tackle. Talk to us about developing risk management solutions for professional, amateur, and youth sports, including tournaments and travel.
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