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Healthcare Business Insurance Protects Employees, Patients, and Your Investment

We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, from regulatory compliance to cyber security. Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive insurance program that helps you protect your business and employees, while also helping you manage costs. Let’s work together today to give your risk management portfolio a checkup:
  • Identify and manage potential risks
  • Develop strategies to reduce exposure
  • Implement risk management programs
  • Secure the right insurance coverage for your business
  • Monitor and adjust coverage as needed
  • Provide employee benefits solutions that attract and retain top talent

At ZRM Brokerage, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and support. We understand that healthcare business insurance can be complex and time consuming, so we provide a comprehensive suite of services to help you manage your needs. From risk management and compliance to claims management, our team is here to help you every step of the way

Health Care Insurance Services

Risk Management = Lower Total Cost of Risk

By investing into appropriate risk management and insurance policies, healthcare organizations save money and reduce their total cost over the long term. Ask us for a free evaluation of your policies and increase your operational effectiveness by transferring policy management to ZRM Brokerage.

Mitigate and Transfer Risk

The first step is reducing your total risk profile, from there we will align your organization with the nation’s leading insurance carriers who will transfer risk away from you and increase your sustainability.

Health Care Insurance to reduce risk
Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated – let’s keep it simple.

Use ZRM Brokerage to access to a wide offering of insurance carriers and wholesale markets that simplify your risk management and offer affordable medical malpractice policies.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Get ahead of emerging public health threats and stay informed with our carrier resources. Appropriate insurance polices are your first line of defense, but nothing helps you stay ahead of the curve like information.

Healthcare Business Insurance FAQ

Healthcare business insurance guards against potential hazards exclusive to the healthcare industry and its activities. Healthcare policies offer coverage for medical facilities, professional practices, and more, such as those of physicians, hospitals, physical therapists, etc. A single policy may include coverages like general liability, commercial property, and business income loss. Health care business policies vary between companies and lines of business. For example, malpractice insurance shields healthcare providers from liability for negligence while general liability may protect against damage to a rented medical facility. Speak with a broker to evaluate your risk exposures and develop a tailored strategy today.

Healthcare business owners should purchase general liability, commercial property, professional liability, cyber risk, commercial umbrella, and workers’ compensation insurance as essential coverage. Additionally, they should contemplate buying other coverage such as commercial flood insurance and business interruption insurance in addition to employment practices, crime and fiduciary policies. An experienced broker can help you decide which healthcare business insurance policies are the best investment for your business.

A healthcare business insurance policy is a legal agreement between an insurer and a business. The insurer will provide financial compensation for any losses listed in the policy, in exchange for regular premium payments.

In the event of a loss, the company will file an insurance claim. For instance, if a fire damages part of the business property, they would file a claim against their property insurance.

An adjuster will evaluate the damage and settle the claim. Afterward, the company will be compensated for their loss minus any deductible.

Healthcare insurance carriers must be familiar with the risk faced by medical practitioners as well as the complexity of overseeing hospitals, specialized facilities, and organizations spread across multiple states. Brokers should help you evaluate your unique exposures including managing the demands of long-term care organizations, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, PACE programs, memory care facilities and retirement homes. A healthcare business insurance provider should be able to customize coverage for urgent care, community health centers, rehabilitation centers, ambulance services, hospice and home healthcare operations, physical therapy centers and laboratories.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to healthcare business insurance. Every organization should use their insurance broker to shop the available markets and find the most appropriate solution for their unique risk in the current year.

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