Healthcare Systems and Hospital Insurance

Safeguard your people, patients and facilities.

High Risk Environments, Simple Insurance Solutions

Improve sustainability with risk management

Let’s work together to implement solutions that mitigate your exposures and reduce your total cost of risk:

  • The financial ramifications of medical negligence.
  • Carefully manage any potential risks associated with transporting patients so that your coverage is comprehensive.
  • Establishing emergency preparedness plans ensures that your organization can respond quickly and effectively to disasters.
  • Implementing workplace violence prevention programs can help safeguard your employees and customers.
  • Protecting confidential medical information (PHI) and other data from hacks, ransomware, and viruses on devices
  • Renovations of buildings and property that could endanger patients, visitors, and staff
  • Ensuring safety for both patients and employees, covering avoidance of slips, trips and falls, needle punctures, and infection prevention

Annual checkup for your insurance policy and risk management program

Living risk management strategies help improve your operational effectiveness

  • Assess your current programs for any deficiencies, gaps, or needed improvements.
  • Partnership for efficient claims management and resolution
  • Boost administrative efficiency

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Did you know?

More than 60% of all hospital claims are from slips, trips or falls and cyber liability claims are the fastest growing exposure in the medical world.

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