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Protect Your Imagination, Curation, and Performances

As an arts and cultural organization, your passion is creating awe-inspiring performances and unique curation that leave audiences wanting more. But, with this passion comes risk. Whether it’s protecting your volunteers, students, patrons, or audiences, you need to ensure that your organization is properly protected. That’s where ZRM comes in.

We understand the unique exposures that arts and cultural organizations face, and we specialize in providing tailored insurance solutions that address those needs. From venues and theaters to museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and more, we have the expertise and experience to help you protect your organization.

Our arts and cultural organization insurance policies cover a wide range of potential risks, including property damage, liability, and even cyber threats. We also offer coverage options for special events, such as concerts and exhibitions. With our insurance in place, you can focus on what you do best, creating and curating, knowing that your organization is protected.

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Unique policies for your unique exposures

Your unique operations set you apart, and with ZRM they won’t ever hold you back. Our team is ready to work alongside your organizational leaders to provide recommendations and insights surrounding real-world scenarios that protect against both the broadest and most likely risks.

Builders / Construction Risks

If you run a museum, gallery, or similar organization, you know that there is an ever present need to build and acquire additional space to accommodate growing collections. Risk associated with new construction, renovation and expansion can be plentiful, but we are ready to advise you while finding dangerous coverage gaps and mitigating new risks that include public safety and environmental concerns.

Premises Liability

Regardless of if your location attracts tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, it is imperative that your arts and cultural organization carries appropriate premises liability insurance. Together we can evaluate your exposures and develop a strategic plan that provides insurance to protect your organization while supporting a positive experience for guests, volunteers and employees.

Securing, Valuing, and Protecting Your Collections

One of a kind historical artifacts, rare documents, fine art, and other items of significance are what the public came to see! Together we can work with the nation’s leading insurance carriers to identify appropriate levels of protection for your collection, while implementing mitigation strategies that guard against irreversible disasters.

Income Continuity and Revenue Exposures

Sometimes even when you do everything right, risks occur that are outside of your control. ZRM can help you protect your organization against performance cancellations, unforeseen weather events, acts of terrorism, performer no shows, widespread disease, and labor strikes.

Risk services to mitigate loss and improve operations

Our goal as your strategic partner is to reduce your total cost of risk. Ask our team about managing volunteer liability, promoting event safety, and more! We are ready to be your partner in risk management.

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