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Reduce your total cost of risk

Those in the human services field work hard to benefit individuals and their communities. To protect themselves financially in an unpredictable environment, organizational leaders need to take preventive steps to mitigate risk and secure liability coverage. Working together, we can find cost-effective insurance solutions from top-tier human services insurance carriers to secure your business.

Organizations that offer essential services such as counseling, therapy, case management, can reduce their total cost of risk by conducting regular safety assessments, implementing policies and procedures that protect clients and staff, and ensuring that all employees are properly trained on these policies. Additionally, it is important for organizations to purchase adequate insurance coverage for their risk exposures.

Empower your organization with sustainability

Human services organizations should consider various types of insurance coverage, such as professional liability, general liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation. The exact type of coverage required will depend on the services provided by each organization, including homeless shelters, community development agencies and substance abuse rehabilitation facilities as well as a broad spectrum of nonprofit organizations that provide services for children, elderly, people with disabilities and their families. Some of the essential coverages to consider include:

Having the best human services insurance for your organization will empower your staff and programs to operate effectively with peace of mind. Should a claim situation occur, the team at ZRM will walk you through ever step of the claims process to assure you receive the full value of your policy and improve organizational sustainability.

Tailored coverage for your evolving exposures

Let’s work together to remove hazardous coverage gaps and design a risk management portfolio that furthers your mission. Day to day operations can be fluid at a human services organization and organizational directors should adapt policies that protect against the full spectrum of operational risk.

To ensure that the risk management portfolio is effective and up-to-date, it is important to review your portfolio regularly and make necessary changes as needed. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all staff members are properly trained on the organization’s risk management policies and procedures. This will help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities in protecting the organization from potential first and third party risks.

Living arrangements and habitation risk

High population density in shared facilities like homeless shelters, group homes or sober housing programs can be full of unpredictably and life threatening risks. Together we can review the property and consider factors like fire protection, mold or microbe exposure, and emergency responsiveness planning before recommending coverage through one of the nation’s leading human services insurance carriers. Mitigation of risk to enhance the safety and security of staff and residents is paramount.

Automobile and transportation hazards

Transportation of patients and clients to medical visits, offsite seminars, and specific occurrences by many human services providers can lead to considerable liability from personally owned, rented, or company owned vehicles. Given the prevalence of distracted drivers, your organization should have adequate safety measures in place to protect operators, passengers, while working or receiving services. Our risk management experts can assist you in developing automobile usage policies, providing driver safety guidance, establishing fleet servicing standards, and recognizing optimal transportation management approaches.

Specialized services require specialized liability

Ensure that your human services insurance covers all the services your organization offers. Counseling, referral, and vocational services, often provided by social workers and other professionals with advanced credentials or licenses, need unique protection. Medical, dental, and psychiatric services, whether provided by in-house professionals or external contractors, also create risk for organizations and practitioners alike. In addition to these core services, your human services insurance should also provide coverage for workplace injuries that may occur as a result of interactions with potentially combative clients. This is especially important for organizations that serve vulnerable populations, such as those with mental health issues or substance abuse problems. Additionally, your human services insurance should include protection for third-party contractual risk. This includes liability coverage for any claims arising from the services you provide to clients, as well as protection against any potential negligence or malpractice claims.

Sexual abuse and misconduct liability

Organizations that provide support to those who are vulnerable, like youth, the elderly and those with disabilities, face reputational and financial risks from accusations of abuse, molestation or exploitation. These types of claims can be costly and damaging for everyone involved. At the minimum, we can help you obtain protection through sexual misconduct insurance. Where necessary, our experts can also provide guidance on recruitment, screening, training and supervisory methods, plus crisis response strategies that will help reduce any potential risks to your staff and people in residence.

Put more funds toward your mission with the best human services risk management.

Strategically improving your organizational sustainability will reduce your total cost of risk and allow you to put more resources toward your mission and not toward litigation.

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