Boiler and Machinery Insurance

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Protection for Your Organizational Equipment With Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Like a well oiled machine, your business relies on essential equipment to keep production rolling and your bottom line growing. Even with the best mitigation and maintenance strategies, occasional breakdowns occur which is why smart business owners invest into boiler and machinery insurance. Position your organization for maximum uptime, while protecting yourself from situations arising from property damage, business interruptions and equipment breakdown. The team at ZRM is ready to help evaluate your equipment risk, and advise you while selecting a unique insurance solution that is both competitive and tailored for your needs.

What is Boiler and Machinery Insurance?
Often referred to as equipment breakdown insurance, this policy provides coverage for physical damage and financial loss that result from unforeseen equipment breakdown.

What does Boiler and Machinery Insurance cover?

This line of insurance is designed to cover the costs necessary to repair or replace damaged equipment, in addition to losses that are due to repair times and restoring business operations. This coverage provides you with protection for not only damage to the machine itself but also related property damages caused by the malfunction.

Why does my organization need Boiler and Machinery Insurance?

As everyone knows, equipment breakdown occurs at the most inconvenient times, and costs to repair are significant. Your business property insurance that is found on a standard general liability policy usually does not cover equipment accidents or breakdown of specific mechanical parts which is why boiler and machinery insurance is essential.

Which industries typically need Boiler and Machinery Insurance?

Manufacturing companies most commonly purchase boiler and machinery insurance to protect their constantly running equipment. However, any business that uses mechanical, electrical, heating, or refrigeration devices would be well served by securing this insurance. Small businesses also benefit from investing in insurance to protect their equipment including but not limited to air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, and ovens.

Common Coverage Under Boiler and Machinery Insurance

This policy protects a broad range of equipment that is tailored to match your organziational needs. The primary use cases include boilers, generators, engines, HVAC systems and transformers as well as other office equipment such as computers, copiers, security systems, and even elevators!

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