Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

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Do I need kidnap and ransom insurance?

Kidnap and ransom insurance (K&R) is designed to protect individuals and organizations from the financial losses associated with kidnapping, extortion or illegal detention. It covers expenses such as ransom payments, legal fees, crisis management costs, professional negotiators, extraction, emergency medical expenses and more. K&R policies are tailored to meet the needs of your risk and offer options including annual, trip based, localized and global coverage.

  • Coverage can include pre-incident planning and training for executives as well as post-incident counseling and support
  • Ransoms can be resolved in local currencies or crypto currencies
  • Over 15,000 kidnappings occur annually with half a billion dollars in ransoms paid to criminals and their causes

Empower yourself, employees and executive team to travel confidently knowing you’ve invested into safety. Individuals who should consider K&R insurance essential include:

  • Aid workers & volunteers
  • Celebrities – including online personalities or streamers
  • Corporate leaders
  • Highly successful families
  • International students
  • Professionals and tourists traveling abroad
  • Politicians

It is important to work with a licensed broker to obtain kidnap and ransom insurance because restrictions may apply to coverage limits, geographical exclusions, time-related exclusions and global political limitations.

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