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Owning horses, whether for personal or commercial use, comes with a great sense of pride and joy. However, they are also high-value assets that deserve to be protected, alongside their necessary buildings and equipment. Additionally, it is important to consider the potential liabilities that could arise from having horses ranging from transit, to veterinary and personal injury.

You can protect your investment through one of the nation’s leading insurance carriers and an equine insurance solution that’s custom tailored to meets your needs.

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Equestrian insurance is a powerful tool that allows you to ride confidently. Our experience and access to the nation’s best equestrian insurance carriers will help you find solutions for:

  • Equestrian Centers/Farms — Specialized packages provide coverage for buildings, horses, farm tools, riding equipment, hay, and other related items. Additionally, such packages include liability coverages for boarding, breeding, training, sales, clinics and shows.
  • Commercial Equine Liability — Coverage is offered for liabilities related to boarding, breeding, training, racing, teaching and any clinics or shows that are held by giving prior notice to the insurer.
  • Personal Horse Owner Liability — Personal liability protection for horse owners and their net worth against expensive litigation.
  • Animal Mortality — Life insurance for your horse; our carriers offer full mortality coverage with options for surgical and major medical expenses. Can include agreed value and loss of use protection.

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